Hair Removal Facts & Figures

Hair Removal Facts

Whatever the facts and figures of the hair removal industry in the UK and around the world, one thing is not in doubt: the trend towards hair free ‘beach-ready’ bodies is intensifying rather than going away. In particular for the generation currently in their twenties, the pressure for intimate hair removal is unremitting.

According to hair removal facts from research by premium Beauty News, almost three quarters (73%) of all UK consumers believe there is more pressure nowadays for women to remove body hair. Just 8% of women have not removed hair in the UK in the past 12 months. Of these:

  • 82% of women remove hair from their legs
  • 78% remove hair from their underarms
  • 57% from their pubic region
  • 15% removing hair from their arms
  • 7% from the feet
  • 4% from the chest
  • 3% from their bottom
  • 2% from their back.

In salons laser hair removal is the largest growth area but the appeal of this procedure to the mass market is limited by both its cost and the skin types on which it can be used.

And according to a report by Technavio, the market for home hair removal products is forecast to grow by 8.34% during the period 2016-2020.

Home depilatory products saw overall 1% growth in 2015, and while shaving remains the most popular depilatory method, the trend towards 100 natural products is driving more women away from expensive chemical-based depilatory creams towards natural solutions like sugaring.

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