What makes Sugar StripEase so special?
Rosie and Hafiz started manufacturing sugaring product 24 years ago. As the pioneers of
strip sugaring in the UK, they have a quarter century’s worth of invaluable experience in
the industry. Having started off making small batches in their kitchen, using Rosie’s
Grandmother’s recipe they have tweaked and refined the process into to the unmatched
product that you see today.
Sugar StripEase is a truly unique hair removal product. Made from 100% natural
ingredients, our specialist blend of sugar syrup and water, Sugar StripEase provides
the gentlest and smoothest treatment of hair removal.
We are the only hair removal product and company in the market that is approved by
the BUAV as Cruelty Free, as well as the only hair remover that is certified as suitable for
vegans, by The Vegan Society. Knowing that our manufacture and our sources of
ingredients are ethically sound is a great source of pride for us and we will continue to
uphold these standards.